jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

I have moved into the shadow

The night is closing in
The clouds are frozen still
The birds are feathered down
The churches ring the hour
Where once there was a cheer now stands a sorry crowd
Across the frozen lake
Beneath the tattered flags, a carnival of skates
The scissors scratch their names
Where once I held your hand I cannot bear to stand
This city is a cauldron of blackened snow and strangers
I moved here from the country
I didn’t know the danger
I’m haunted by the bottle
I’m haunted by the angels
In letters from my sister, she asks me how I’m feeling
I say that I am better but I lie in every letter
I have moved into the margin
I have moved into the shadow
Move closer to the fire or else you’ll meet the ghost
I loved you like a brother
I loved you more than most
But still you left me vacant
Still you left me cold.

GA Johnson - Piano Magic
Incurable (EP)

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